Jul 8, 2010

Day 5, Monterey Bay - San José

Today on the morning Aleksi, Aku, mom and dad went to the pool as I went to have a shower. Then we had some breakfast and packed our bags and got in the car. We drove around Monterey since we were supposed to meet our friend Paul around at 5 pm and the drive to his house didn’t take more than 1½ hours. Me and mom found a shopping center where we went shopping as the boys went on a café to eat and watch Germany-Spain football match. Good job Spain, by the way! ;)

We did some useful shopping and then around 2 pm started driving towards Santa Cruz. There we went on a Rio del Mar beach where we saw dolphins, seals and lots of different birds. Aku and Aleksi played football. There was a big deck and a submarine’s wreck where all the animals were at. There were also a lot of fishermen and people on a picnic, walking their dogs, swimming…

We continued our drive to San José, where we were at 5.30 pm. We met our friend Paul and went to his house to wait for his wife and son to come home. We ate some delicious pineapple and watermelon. After a while Paul’s wife Bin Bin and son Jonathan came home and we introduced ourselves. Bin Bin recognized us from some photos even though we have grown quite a lot from the days the pictures were taken at. Hehe :D

We went to eat in a nice Italian restaurant, and the little cute baby boy had his first visit at a restaurant! He’s really adorable, gotta say :) The food was fine and after finishing we went with Paul to sign in a hotel where me and my brothers will stay at. Mom and dad will be sleeping at Paul and Bin Bin’s house. Tomorrow we will go to San Francisco! Yay, that will be cool :) So, for now, good night folks!


  1. hoorayy, i've read all of the days you've posted :) how come no pictures of today? :/ would've been cool to se for example the baby boy :) but yeeah, i'll read some more of this as soon as i can go to the internet next time. so until next update: have fun and take a lot of pictures :)

  2. I was in a meeting room discussing with a bunch of people the rights that should appear in our own "Bill of Rights", so nope, I couldn't watch the match. ;D Thanks anyway, even if I'm not much of a football fan as you know. ;D

    Today (among other things) we had the ending of a summit in which we've been working for a couple of days. Towards the end I resigned as the Foreign Minister due to a very strong disagreement I had with my own government regarding a regional crisis of one of our neighbors which affects us directly. Nobody was expecting it so there were some laughs. :D They've even told me they might want to interview me.

    By the way, Maria, you remember that meal I talked you about I was going to prepare? I did it today, it was a success, people liked it and the church hasn't burned down. Yet. That means someone will get rushed to the hospital soon for food poisoning. Things can't just go that well. ;D

    Anyway, I've been talking about me for like the whole message. I just want to say that I'm real glad that you're being able to update your blog, because I don't really have any time to do so with mine. :P I see that you're having a lot of fun and that's really good. I'm sure you'll love San Francisco. I don't know if it's beautiful or not, but it carries my name, so it must be. :P Just kidding. But you totally have to take a pic in front of the Golden Gate.

    (Was it very noticeable that that is the only thing I know about San Francisco, and just because it's on every film?) :P

    I'm looking forward to be able to talk with you again, which is something I already miss here. Ouch, does that mean I'm already missing something back at Spain?

    In any case, things here are just amazing. I'm becoming really good friends with some people by now (I'm invited to Poland next month!), and I'm gaining such a comprehensive and deep vision of the world in which we live that I just wouldn't have been able to get it anywhere else. But I'll talk with you regarding this once we might both talk directly to each other. I don't think we'll finish doing so in a few days (weeks), but we'll have plenty of time. ;D

    Tomorrow I pack everything and then I'll hit the road to Philadelphia. Following day, Washington D.C. As far as I know, we're going to be like real busy there at the State Department and so. There's a chance I might get interviewed on TV so I'll let you know if that happens. Or not, so you don't watch it. I get quite nervous (regardless of what people might say) at that kind of things, so the least people they see it, the better. Just kidding again, obviously. ;D

    Talk to you soon!

  3. Maria, no pictures 'cause I was too tired to put them on the computer yesterday. Sorry but I'm putting a few right now ;)

    Javi, nice to hear from you! It seems like everything is just wonderful at there, which was expected ;) I'm also looking forward to talking with you, though it'll be a competition for who gets the turn to speak ;D hehe, just kidding but yeah, no doubt we both will have a lot of things to tell each other. You mentioned about the lunch/dinner thing, and just for being as curious as I always am, gotta ask, what did you make for them? :D Maybe some known Spanish paella?

    Tomorrow we'll hit the road to LAS VEGAS! That will be unreal. And I must say, I'm really jealous at you for getting to visit the capital. And oh, you MUST tell me if they're gonna interview you on TV! I wanna watch that :D (if I get the opportunity)

    I'll talk to you as soon as possible, and hey, at least from what I've seen so far, the views are just outstanding. Look around you at the bus drive, you'll get your head in the window and mouth open. These are something you have never seen before. (though I'm not exactly familiar with Philalephia/Washington area so I don't know how similar or not they are with Spain, heh. And my memory doesn't work 14 years back in time so I can't really say...) :D

    Anyway, enjoy your time!

  4. hey javi great job! :) and no, i don't think anyone got a food poisoning from the food, i think you're not really that bad :P plus, if you tell iisa wether you were interviewed or not, you have to tell me also! i want to see that :D

    and iisa, the pictures were pretty, specially the baby was adorable <3 :) and tomorrow las vegas, wow, cool :) you're anyway gonna sneak into some casino so let me know if you win any money ;) :D

  5. Maria, you've got American channels too? I mean, I don't know which channel the interview would come on, but probably an American one, if Javi even will be interviewed :D

    And yeah, the baby boy is just sooo adorable <3 Very cutie!

    Hahahah, yeah I've got a nice calculating system in my head, so I think I'm gonna come out from the casino with millions of dollars ;) S-U-R-E. Like I look like 21 anyway :D Hahah, just kidding but obviously it'll be cool!

  6. All right, so I just pressed the wrong key and now I have lost everything I had written. Fantastic! I'll summarize everything. ;D

    If I get interviewed it will happen at the Voice of America Studios next week in Washington D.C.

    I cooked "salmorejo", a mix between tomato, lot of bread, olive oil, vinegar... People liked it and even one day later there were still coming and telling me that they liked it.

    I'm writing to you right now from a hotel room in Philly, with a fantastic view of the typical American alley. The trip here was eleven hours long, and not as beautiful as I was expecting, as the scenery didn't change that much during the trip. Trees at one side, trees at the other side... There was one part of the trip in which we actually got out of what it had seemed like a really long drive across a forest, to see what looked like a common unimportant small American city. Until we saw in the horizon the Washington Monument and the Capitol. Kinda disappointing actually. :P Philly though is an impressive place. The only thing that made the rip a bit more interesting was the chatting with Aleksandra, from Poland, and probably the best friend I've made here so far. By the way, I guess you two wouldn't know how to pronounce Polish, would you? Because I have a rather interesting (and quite mean) challenge that she came up with on the bus. ;D

    In a couple of days I have a two and a half hours session of diplomatic negotiations regarding the Darfur crisis at the State Department, and then I have a seven hours summit on the afternoon for which I have this tons of information which I haven't even read yet. Wish me luck, because I'm going to need it not to fall asleep during the sessions.

    Talk to you soon!

  7. Heh, can you believe how many times that has happened to me? At the other day I was writing one of these texts in this blog and then suddenly... everything was gone. Just great :)

    Oh, too bad it was a bit of a disappointment, but I'll show you a bunch of pictures of these views once we talk directly so you'll see how the REAL cool views are like :D hehe

    And eh, I really gotta say I can't pronounce Polish, but I could try :D

    Good luck on keeping our eyes open (not half-open :P) at the sessions! Sleep well before them :D

    "See" ya later :)

  8. yeah, i don't think we have american channels here, i didn't actually think that far :D:D so you guys have to tell me how the interview went and so on the next time we'll talk :)

    but have fun both of you! i'll keep on reading :)