Jul 12, 2010

Days 6 and 7

Day 6, San Francisco!

We woke up in the hotel around 9 am, got dressed and went downstairs to see if the breakfast was free or not. Unfortunately it wasn’t free, we would’ve had to pay 10 dollars each to get that so instead we went out for breakfast at In-n-out Burger. We ordered cheeseburgers and small cokes, then waited for 5 minutes and the order was ready. Not a bad breakfast, in fact, it was really good! Aku thought it was the best burger he had eaten, so far ;)

So, after eating mom and dad came to pick us up and we drove about 40-50 minutes to San Francisco. We bought tickets to a ferry which left at 1.15 pm. It went round Alcatraz (which is an old prison in an island, from couple of movies, one of them named The Rock) and under the world famous Golden Gate. It was really, really cold and windy at the ferry but seeing Golden Gate was absolutely fantastic. We got great photos, with not so good hair in them thanks to the wind ;D. The ferry thing was a really nice one, I recommend. It took an hour.

After that we went to Hard Rock Café. Aku bought a t-shirt and I bought a hoodie. So, then we met Paul and drove over the Golden Gate to Sausalito. There we had some lunch/dinner and then we drove back to the other side of the bridge. In traffic. We drove for a while at the hills and saw these beautiful houses on the up-and-down streets, it was just like from the movies.

Paul went already at his home as we bought coffees from Starbucks. I went to buy some postcards and at the store there was this guy who was very willing to give me a bonus. “Buy those postcards and you get a free boyfriend!” Heheh :D I had hard time trying not to laugh as another guy came down and the first guy said that his friend was ugly but needed a girlfriend, or wait, “No, he needs a boyfriend, I’m sorry, take him to Finland with you and he will get a boyfriend!” he said after I told him I wasn’t from here. Uhm.., thanks but no thanks :D

We drove back to Paul’s house and the boys started playing Wii. We stayed at their place for a couple of hours and took some pictures from the adorable baby Jonathan who was sleeping. So cute. Then it was time to say goodbye as dad took us back to the hotel. Maybe one day I’ll come here to study in a university and I’ll get to see Paul, Bin Bin and Jonathan more often :) They already recommended me a university, one that wouldn’t be far away! We’ll see how things work out ;)

Tomorrow we’ll start driving towards a place called Las Vegas. Wonder if anyone has heard about it before…? I’ve heard people there like to gamble, but I’m not sure if that’s just a rumor.. What do you guys think? ;)

Day 7, San José – Mammoth lakes

This morning we woke up at 10 am and an hour or two later went to In-n-out Burger for a breakfast/early lunch while mom and dad went to buy a map of California. At 12.30 we got in the car and drove towards Yosemite national park. After driving a couple of hours Aleksi really wanted to go to the bathroom so we stopped by a restaurant. The temperature was 94 F, which is about 35 Celcius degrees. It was really a lot more comfortable staying at the car with cool air conditioning than standing outside the car with that kind of heath.

We continued driving and an hour later went to eat. I must say that all this fast food is making me feel gross.. and I’ve only been here for a week! We must find healthier food places which have like salads, fruits and stuff…

The temperature was around 100 F when we got back in the car and drove to Yosemite national park. We drove through it and saw absolutely spectacular views. All those trees, rocks, big stones, lakes, mountains, fields, dears… We were 9000 feet high, that’s 2500 meters. The pictures we took are fantastic. Not something you see every day in Finland. Not even every second day. ;)

Then we… saw a BEAR running across the road!! Or wait, I didn’t see it because I was sitting on the back seat -.- How great. We didn’t catch it on camera but especially Aleksi told me how cool it was to see a bear and how he has now seen one of the two things he has always wanted to see. How those who have never seen a bear are missing a lot and how he’s now a great guy as he’s seen one. How polite little brother do I have? ;)

Hm, then we got to the motel, mom and dad went to a grocery store and Aleksi and I went swimming. I actually didn’t swim but Aleksi did. We went back to our room and took showers. Our parents came back and we ate some supper as watching baseball. Now we’re going to sleep. Good night people! :)


  1. Oi wau! Mä ihan innoissani (ja kadehtien) seuraan tätä blogii, sä kirjotat tosi hyvin ja kaikki noi paikat, wau!!! Mäki haluun Amerikkaan.. :D Mut tosiaan, kirjota ahkerasti et saa taas kuolata koneen ääres.. :D
    Ja nauti! Herranjumala, Amerikka!

  2. hahah Pinja :D mut hyvä et alat seuraamaan! varmasti nautin ja kirjottelen tänne sit lisää kuha kerkeen :)

  3. wuaaaaaa, oon iha samoil linjoil ku pinja.. :D mut joo, nää jutut on iha sika mielenkiintosii ja semmosii ää :) luen tätä ain iha innoissani :D :)

  4. yeap, i'm still soo jealous, but it helps a bit that I know i'll do probably almost the same road trip sometime with a bunch of friends with me :)

    so about day 6: I laughed for the guy who needed a boyfriend :D:D you should've brought him to finland, we would've gotten a new exciting friend :D and yeah, Vegas? Never heard of it... It's some kind of a small town in the middle of nowhere, right? And since i've never heard of it, I have no idea do people gamble there, but I don't think so... ;D

    about the pictures: what do you mean your hair wasn't so good? it could be A LOT worse, trust me :) so the pictures were pretty and the one with only the Golden Gate was amazing. You're a great photographer, in case you didn't know :)

    plus: Jonathan is still soooooo cute <3 Would you be so kind and steal him to live with you in Finland so I could visit you and see him every day?

    About day seven: I don't have much else to say that The Yosemite National Park was the park I was talking about in facebook, remember? :D:D I just didn't remember that Yosemite was this place. yeah, i know, i can be VERY clever sometimes...

    about the pictures: WTF?! THEY HAVE SNOW THERE AT THIS TIME OF THE YEAR??! It's a crazy world... But other than that, the pictures were really great and the views were outstanding! (did i use that word right? i can't remember exactly what it meant... :D) specially i loved the picture of you in front of that lake, it's a really beautiful one <3 :) and btw, it looks like there is a man waving his hand in that one picture... :D

    plus: i have to tell you, i thought Aku was your little brother, not Aleksi...*embarraced*

  5. oh yeah, you meant THAT park :D i was confused 'cause you said "puistot" and not just a park :D hehe, smarty me.

    but yeah, it was sooooo high, 90000 feet which is about 2500 meters, so yeah there was still a bit snow in there :D

    and whaaat, a guy waving? which pic? :D

    and haha :D yeah, aku's older, aleksi's younger ;)

  6. oooops, i meant 9000 feet :D