Jun 30, 2010

Day -2

Super excited! Just two more nights left and we’re flying on a plane all the way to Los Angeles. And no, we still can’t believe it’s actually going to happen. We’re very busy these last days before leaving since there’s still a LOT of things to do! Buying some last things we need with us, making sure we have the navigator, international driving licenses, cables for loading Ipods, cell phones and camera, big enough suitcases, all the clothes clean, money exchanged… and then trying to fit everything in our suitcases. So yeah, no doubt tomorrow will be a busy day.

Next post will probably already be from the other side of the world ;) I hope there’s an Internet connection at the hotels and motels where we will be staying at so that I will get to tell you guys how amazing everything is over there. I also hope there won’t be any problems with uploading and adding pictures to this blog for you to see… If I won’t be able to add them while being on the trip, I’ll do it later! So just stay patient and enjoy reading! :) And oh, if you would leave a comment or two every once in a while, it would be just awesome! :D