Jun 26, 2010

Day -6

I can't believe in a week I'll be enjoying the sun of Los Angeles! I've been wanting to go to the States for more than two years and now it's actually happening. Yess! This summer will be absolutely the dream trip of mine, all that I could've ever asked for. I'll be seeing the same places than about 14 years ago during summer vacations while we lived in Boston. That summer me, my parents and my big brother (my little brother was born some years later) drove through the USA and saw some of the most famous and breathtaking sights and views in North America. My parents have always told me about it 'cause I was so small that I really don't remember any of it. But, I'm 100% sure that I WON'T forget this summer's trip ever.

So, we're leaving on Friday, the 2nd. We'll fly first to London and from there to LA. In total, we'll be spending about 14 hours in the planes. That's a long time, but totally worth it after we finally get there. We have booked a hotel from LA, I believe it was somewhere in or very near Hollywood... We still gotta rent a car, book a hotel from New York and think a bit more about the route and then we've pretty much done everything we gotta plan in advance. Just 6 days left... I'm so excited :)

Well, I hope there's someone out there reading this! Until next post, see ya :)