Jun 26, 2010

Day -6

I can't believe in a week I'll be enjoying the sun of Los Angeles! I've been wanting to go to the States for more than two years and now it's actually happening. Yess! This summer will be absolutely the dream trip of mine, all that I could've ever asked for. I'll be seeing the same places than about 14 years ago during summer vacations while we lived in Boston. That summer me, my parents and my big brother (my little brother was born some years later) drove through the USA and saw some of the most famous and breathtaking sights and views in North America. My parents have always told me about it 'cause I was so small that I really don't remember any of it. But, I'm 100% sure that I WON'T forget this summer's trip ever.

So, we're leaving on Friday, the 2nd. We'll fly first to London and from there to LA. In total, we'll be spending about 14 hours in the planes. That's a long time, but totally worth it after we finally get there. We have booked a hotel from LA, I believe it was somewhere in or very near Hollywood... We still gotta rent a car, book a hotel from New York and think a bit more about the route and then we've pretty much done everything we gotta plan in advance. Just 6 days left... I'm so excited :)

Well, I hope there's someone out there reading this! Until next post, see ya :)


  1. I'm totally reading this Iisa and i'm TOTALLY EXITED FOR YOU GUYS!!! for real, i got the chilles just reading this. I love USA and i know you love it too so i'm really looking forward to hear about you and your adventure!=)))))


    super-duper-cool! and congrats for your fab highschool -place!

  2. haha, thanks jenni! :D

    i'm also reading your blog, it's really nice too! :)

    hehe vähä jännää puhuu sun kaa enkkuu :D mut yeah, i'm gonna write these posts while driving on the highways of the States since i'm gonna take my laptop with us :D hope you like readin' this :)

  3. haha älä :D:D en oo kirjotellu pitkää aikaa ku viel reissus mut joo kyl kirjotan tän jälkeen :)

    yep, i think i will enjoy it!

    tost otsikost mul alkaa ain pyörii se biisi pääs se ''coast to coast, L.A. to Chicago, western male......'' jota joskus musas hoilattii :D en tiiä tiiäksä sitä heheohoho joo..... (:

  4. joo ja laita kuvii kans, haluun nähä (: ja en tiiä tota biisii :D:D

  5. Hello !

    Vähän alkaa jo jänskättämään meidän reissu..

    Auto on vuokrattu ja ensimmäiset yöt vietetään Hotel Hollywoodissa!

    Koko matka tuntuu vielä aika epätodelliselta. Tästä on puhuttu jo kauan, mutta että se oikeasti toteutuu.. aika mieletöntä!

    See Ya !

  6. Heheh, no niimpä! Enää 3 päivää...

  7. hei kerroin mun isälle täst teijä reissust ja se pyys kysymään et miten te sen toteutatte :)? siis vuokraattekste auton? ja mihin palautatte sen ja miten lennätte?(:

  8. me lennetään ekaks lontooseen ja sielt los angelesiin. sit vuokrataan losist auto, ollaan siel joku 5 päivää ja sit lähetään ajaa eka san franciscoo ja sielt grand canyon, vegas, ehkä memphisin ja nashvillen kautta niagaralle, sielt bostoniin ja sielt nykiin, jonne palautetaan auto :) ja sit paluulento on nykist taas eka lontooseen ja sielt suomeen :) hehe

  9. You can be sure of something, there's at least someone out there reading this. ;)

    You might take a camera with you and take hundreds of photos that will help you revisit sights from the trip for the years and decades to come, but the most important thing is, open your eyes. Open your eyes and try not to miss anything. Carefully observe the American scenery while you drive from state to state, look at the ceiling of the several hotel halls in which you'll be stepping in and listen to the busy American streets where the undecipherable sound of dozens of foreign languages and accents mix together in a truly cosmopolitan confusion.

    You've been waiting for this moment for years. Now it's a matter of days that such a long-awaited wish will become true. I'm sure you're already well aware of this but, try to squeeze this experience until you get the last drop of it. It's going to be an unforgettable experience. And a truly unique one.

    And that's it. Talk to you soon!

    - Javi

    PD: I hope the next entry in my blog won't carry as a title anything similar to "I just lost my connection at Amsterdam! FREAKING OUT!!!" ;D

  10. I think I'll need to load my camera's battery quite often during this trip! :D And the memory card will get pretty full very quickly, I believe... heh but at least I will get to picture the whole trip and that way memorize of it later many, many times.

    And oh, I'm so sure I will be taking everything I can from it. This dream trip of mine will be locked in a box of my memory, and I'll make sure nothing will happen to it! :D

    You too, enjoy your trip and do the same as you just told me to do. Open your eyes and take everything in that you possibly can, which will be lot.

    Anyway, talk to you before leaving to the other side of the world! ;D