Jul 7, 2010

Day 4, L.A-Monterey Bay

We woke up in the morning at 9 o’clock and started to pack our stuff. We went to have breakfast and then signed out from the hotel, packed our suitcases in the car and started driving towards Monterey Bay at 11 am. We drove near the coast line so we saw the ocean during this long drive. The gas was about to run out so we stopped by this gas station where we also bought ice creams, some chips and water. We continued our drive as we saw absolutely gorgeous views, ones that can’t be explained without a picture. They were just incredibly stunning.

With “Hey, Soul Sister” on the radio we continued driving… We drove to this little town somewhere near the coast. Its name was.. uhm.. Cambrido? I don’t remember, something with an C. heh :D There we ate lunch and laughed quite a lot at mom with her little struggling in trying to speak English fast. She was trying to ask the waitress “Is there a free re-fill?” meaning about the cokes, but instead said something like “Is there a free frerefreeshfreerill?” :D Luckily the waitress understood even though the rest of us were laughing pretty hard :D

After eating we walked on the streets and saw this pharmacy. Mom needed to buy some bandages and Aleksi found a cool toy from there. I’m putting a video of it.

Anyway, then we continued the drive. We stopped and took some beautiful pictures from the ocean and then went back in the car. We drove some more hours and around 8 pm arrived to Monterey Bay. We searched for a not too expensive motel and found a Comfort Inn where we got a room with two Queen beds and a pull out sofa. Fine enough. Aku and Aleksi went to the pool as me, mom and dad went to a store to buy some fruits, cereals, milk and orange juice. We got back to the motel, I updated our blog and then we went to sleep. Tomorrow = San José and seeing our friend Paul, his wife and son!



  1. Hienoja kuvia ja upeita maisemia! Ja toi Aleksin lelu näytti jotenki pelottavalta.. :D

  2. Joo, nää maisemat tääl on jotai niin upeita...! ja haha, hajottiin tolle lelulle kans :D aika weirdddd.

  3. hey soul sister ;)) <3 oli pakko laittaa =D ps. tääl on ihan törkeen hyvä sää ollu nyt, mitä pienet 28 astet lämmintä ja aurinko paistaa :)) mut siel on kyl saletisti kivempaa ja parempi sää joten en ala yhtää sen enempää, mut aattelin nyt ilmottaa :D <3

  4. aaah, ihanaa et sielki on kiva sää <3 :) mites muuten suomessssa? =)

  5. ai mitämitä suomessa? =D siis suomesta mä puhuin =D sori olin epäselvä jos luulit et tarkotin sitä bangkokkii :D

  6. eeiku tajusin et puhuit suomest, mut tarkotin et niiku mitäs muuta suomes :D?