Aug 5, 2010

What an amazing trip did we just have!

Feels so weird to be back home again. It’s been such a long time since I last slept on my OWN bed and ate breakfast at OUR dining table… Well, I gotta face the truth and finally get back from my dreams to continue the normal life here. No, I won’t ever forget all the places and things I saw during this month, quite the opposite. I’ll watch the pictures and videos we’ve taken, read this blog and memorize the wonderful dream come true adventure :)

Everyone’s been asking what was the best place/thing during the trip, and we were all thinking about them when on the taxi to home from the airport. I’d say it’s hard to mention just one thing, so instead I’m gonna give you guys my top 3 and the reasons for why they’re the best three things ;)

1. Las Vegas. Because it’s just absolutely cool! All the lights, signs and hotels… You must see it yourself to understand how it is ‘cause no picture or movie can show the real atmosphere of Vegas.
2. Boston. Just simply ‘cause that’s where a piece of my heart and childhood is.
3. Broadway musical, the Lion King. It was something I’ve never experienced before, and the way they had created the costumes was genious. The lights, story and music all together made me have lots of chills during the 2½ hours ;)

I gotta mention a few more ‘cause there are so many awesome places and experiences that we saw. Grand Canyon and its beauty, swimming in the big waves of Erie Lake , New York and pretty much everything in it, our friends back at San José, swimming in Colorado River’s warm water and ALL THE VIEWS DURING THE WHOLE TRIP.

The experience as one was amazing, unforgettable, incredible, wonderful… Just so on the top of all the abroad vacations I’ve had so far. The country really is what fascinates me, there’s something in it that makes me go “whoa”. Maybe it’s because of spending a year of my childhood in there, maybe it left its mark in me in some specific way. But what’s for sure is that I liked it a lot and it didn’t disappoint me, instead many times I looked out from the window having forgotten to close my mouth…

So, here’s a bit of USA at numbers:
We visited 15 states: California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut and New Jersey.
The highest temperature was 122 Fahrenheit, 50 Celsius.
The days we were there was 31, plus the two days for flights.
And, in total we drove 5009 miles, 8061 kilometers.

So! Thanks for all, for reading this and leaving comments :) It’s been great writing when knowing there are readers, and quite excited ones, over there! I hope you have enjoyed my blog and understood pretty much everything even if my English has been lacking at some points :D There’s just one more thing to say:

Badappappappaa, I’m loving it <3

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  1. toi lippu on ihana! :DD sori, tälleen joku puol vuotta tän sun postauksen jälkeen, hiihi :P