Aug 4, 2010

Days 30-31

Home sweet home <3

After waking up and eating breakfast we packed all our stuff and signed out from the hotel. We left our bags to downstairs and ordered a taxi to the airport at 4.45 pm. Then we walked around the city and at 3 pm went to have lunch. Dad had bought a new objective to my camera so after lunch we tested it at Times Square. It works well! ;)

We went to get our bags and waited for the airport shuttle to come. The drive to the Newark airport didn’t take longer than 30 minutes. Our flight to London left at 8.50 pm and we were at London at 9 am or something (the local time). We had an hour before our flight back to our home country left at 10.20 am. I slept the whole flight and I think so did Aleksi. It was so weird hearing all the Finnish again! :D

The plane landed to Finland and we went to get our bags. Everything went fine, we got a big taxi and drove HOME! Felt soooo weird to be at home again, it’s been so long since we last were here :D My room and our bathroom are smaller than I remembered, even!

We unpacked the bags and now mom and dad went to a grocery store to get us some food! I’ll write the final post tomorrow ;)