Jul 24, 2010

Days 19, 20 and 21

Day 19, Syracuse – Natick

We woke up (not to our alarm but when mom knocked on our door) at 8.22 am ;) We went to have breakfast, then took an elevator back to the 4th floor, packed our bags and signed out from the hotel. We drove two hours to a gas station and then another two hours to Natick, our home city! We drove around, went to have lunch at Chuck E Cheese, the place which Aku and I used to LOVE when we were small kids. It’s a place full of different games, like an arcade, and you can eat salads, pizzas or different platters at there.

After lunch we took a drive to our home street. Our house was still there as the same as it was 14 years ago!! Feelings were mixed as we saw it and the other houses. Mom and dad remembered who used to live in which house and where we were playing with the other kids… Just when we were about to turn and continue our way to our motel dad saw our old neighbor going to his house! We went to say hi and even though he at first was about to send us off he then remembered ;D

We had a little chit chat with him and then we left to the motel. We got two rooms, and unfortunately we, as in me and my brothers, got a room for smokers… The smell is awful. Thank god we have air-conditioning so it helps a bit.

Well, then we got changed and headed to the mall. Aku bought two caps, mom a jacket thingy (I forgot what it’s called even in Finnish ;) not jakku but you know… or don’t :P) and I bought a bag, a ring and a Red Sox hoodie. I looove it :) We bought Pretzels and then went to do some laundry. While the clothes were at the machines we went to Stop & Shop to get some supper and breakfast for tomorrow. Then we went to get our clothes and drove back to the motel.

We ate some supper; yoghurt, bread and fruits and then we kids went back to our (smelly!) room. Tomorrow we’ll drive to Boston ;) Good night friends!

(The white house with a red front door is ours (; Just to let you know)

Day 20, Natick – Boston

We woke up at 9 am (an hour too early because my clock was at the wrong time…) and I went to mom & dad’s room to have some breakfast. After we all had had breakfast we packed our bags and drove to a park nearby. It was a park where I used to play with Aku 15-14 years ago ;) It hadn’t changed much.

We drove to a beach where we were throwing frisbee to each other. Aleksi and dad went to swim ‘cause they were the only ones that had changed on their swimming suits. After enjoying ourselves at the beach we drove to the same mall where we were yesterday. Too bad no one found anything nice to buy. We ate woks there and then went to Cheesecake Factory to taste the REAL cheesecakes. And hmm, were they delicious? OH, YES!

After that we drove about 20 miles to Boston. We went to get the keys for our suite, changed our clothes and went back downstairs. We asked the guy at the reception how we could get to University of Harvard and he told us the way. We got into a shuttle of the hotel which drove us to somewhere where we walked through the Boston Common park to a subway. The park btw is lovely! Just the kind of you see in the movies and wish you could be having a picnic at. One thing here in America that I love are just those parks, they’re like so perfect. And we have nothing like them in Finland :(

Well, we took a subway to Harvard, went to see the university where dad used to study at and took some pictures. It’s really a nice place, has red tiled buildings… I liked it.

We walked around before taking the subway and a train back to the center of the city. We tried to get in the top of Hancock Tower but we found out that they haven’t let anyone go up there in 10 years. Which is a shame, I think. We called to the shuttle driver to pick us up and walked to the same place where he had taken us earlier. We got in and he drove us back to the hotel.

We went to have some supper and then came back to the hotel. Nighty night! :)

Day 21, Raindrops in the city of Boston

After normal morning routines we left the hotel and took the same hotel shuttle near to Fenway Park (the home field of the Boston Red Sox). We walked round the park and took some pictures. Aleksi bought a baseball from a Red Sox shop. We had cokes at a restaurant and then we walked to Harvard Bridge and by Charles River, in Beacon Hill to Boston Common park.

We went to City Place to have some lunch and after burritos, Chinese food and quesadilla we went to play at the park. In a while it started to rain so we walked to the metro station. We decided to go and see some movie in a cinema. Well, we had some trouble finding it but eventually we did, bought tickets and went to see Toy Story 3, in 3D. It was alright and had a few really funny parts ;)

It still rained when we got out from the cinema, and it was a little cold too so we went to Starbucks to buy hot chocolates to warm us. We also bought donuts from Dunkin Donuts. Then we went by a metro, train and bus back to our hotel. Now it’s TV and then sweet dreams! :)

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