Jul 21, 2010

Days 17 and 18

Day 17, We’re having fun!

This morning we slept late, I don’t know when the others woke up and went to swim at the pool ‘cause I was still sleeping ;) When I woke up I took a shower and soon we left out for a brunch. We went to eat at Mary’s Kitchen, dad and Aleksi took cheeseburgers and me, mom and Aku took chicken Caesar salads. The food was alright and when we were finished we drove to Adventure Zone. There we played baseball and mini golf and drove go-karts and bumper boats. It was fun!

After spending few hours at the Zone we drove back to our motel, changed on our swimming suits and headed to the beach. We drove around for a while trying to find a non-private beach and eventually we found one, thanks to Aku! We had so much fun at the lake. The waves were very big! The lake didn’t have a sandy bottom so the rocks weren’t exactly the most comfortable thing to hit yourself at... That didn’t bother us though, we swam and threw frisbee to each other. It was so enjoyable, the water was really warm and swimming and letting the waves carry you around the waterline; pretty fun ;)

We drove back to the motel, took showers and then walked to a restaurant nearby. We ate wraps and listened to this old guy playing guitar and other instruments. We recognized a couple of the songs, for example Hey there Delilah ;D It started to get dark, it was almost 10 o’clock. Aleksi and I went to Ferris wheel, which was great! :D

Then we walked back to the motel and on the way stopped by an arcade. We got back “home” and soon went to sleep :) Tomorrow: Niagara Falls!

Day 18, Geneva on the Lake – Syracuse

At 9 am we woke up, then packed our bags and got in the car. We drove about an hour to a mall where we had some breakfast. Then we drove a couple of hours, went through two or three tolls and got to Buffalo. We parked our car and walked to see the world famous Niagara Falls! They were, indeed, pretty spectacular even though we would’ve had a better view from Canada’s side. We could just see Canada at the other side, just about 50-100 feet (and thousands gallons of water) away! ;)

We took pictures and were fascinated about the falls, then we decided to go have a better look at them at the bridge. After seeing them from there we walked to another place to see the other part of the Falls. It started to get very sunny and hot so we bought ice creams for freshness. We bought some postcards and then walked back to the car.

We drove for some time until we arrived to a place where we found KFC. We ate and then drove to Syracuse. We found a Comfort Inn hotel where we got two rooms from. We’re watching Everybody hates Chris! Tomorrow: home sweet home! <3 And NO, not Finland. Instead I mean Natick in Boston ;)


  1. heijeeijeijeij! oon eka kerranki =D ehkä.. :D mut noi kuvat on taas iha sika hienoi! :) mut tehä ootte kohta MELKEIN kohta suomessa jeijeijeij! :D no okei, vähä yli viikko viel mut kuiteski! :) ja sit me nähää!!! <3 ja arvaa mitä :( koulu alkuu on enää kolme vko! :( :D ja sit alkaa lukio.. huu, scary, mutmut, mä en oo ostanu viel mitää kirjoikaa.. ups, voi kohta ruveta ;D see u! :) <3

  2. heeei ei se oo jeijeijeij :D taino ehk vähä, onha se iha kiva nukkuu taas omas sängys ja olla OMASSA huoneessa ja nähä kavereit <3 :) mut äää koulut alkaa ja sit on vähä scary mut en nyt viel ala miettii niit sen kummemmi, mul on sit se 2 viikkoo aikaa siin ku ollaan tultu kotii, löydänköhä kirjoi jostai...? :D mut juu, nähäään <3

  3. apua mä missasin jonku viikon melkee ku unohdin lukee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D noo täs oon nyt lueskellu kaikki jälkeenjääneet päivät ja vauuu vitsi teil on ollu upee reissu! ylhäältä lunttasin et viikko viel jäljel HAVE A GREAT TIME siin ehtii tehä vaikka mITÄ!! =)))))))))9 hihi happy for you ja upean hauskoja kuvia ! niagaran putoukset<3
    mun vaan tekee mieli päästä äkkii jenkkeihin ku luen tätä blogii! :DDD

  4. heheh :D jeepp we will! mut itteasias melkeen kaks viikkoo viel jäljel, ollaan koton 3. elokuuta.. (: seee ya <3