Jul 14, 2010

Days 10 and 11

Day 10, Las Vegas – Flagstaff

I woke up at 8 am and went to the pool to enjoy the sun once more while everybody else was still sleeping. Again it was very, very hot at there but thank god there was the cool-watered pool to refresh me ;) I went back inside after an hour, took a shower and started packing my things. My brothers woke up and started packing too. At 10 am mom and dad came to our room and we left the hotel.

We drove few miles to In-n-out Burger where everyone except me took a cheeseburger meal. I had a strawberry milkshake. After eating we drove a bit less than 2 miles to Hard Rock Café where we bought t-shirts and souvenirs ;)

After driving just a little while, Aleksi saw a sign and said: “Hey, look, pool party!” I looked out from the window and saw the billboard. “Ahm, Aleksi, it says ‘Ultimate gay pool party’!” :D Guess he didn’t see the first two words of that ;D We drove to Hoover Dam, took some pictures in the freaky heath and got back in the car. Sometimes I really am very grateful of the air conditioning ;) It was 40 C. I know, I know, nothing compared to Death Valley, but seriously you can’t say that 40 degrees isn’t hottt!

We drove and at some point it started to rain, first time in here! We went to have dinner at Denny’s, and without a doubt got our stomachs full. From there we drove 10 minutes to our motel in Flagstaff. (We’ve been driving on and off Route 66.) Mom and dad went to Laundromat to wash the dirty clothes. I went to swim with Aleksi but we came back inside soon ‘cause it started to get cold.

It’s the third state we’ve been to so far. California, Nevada, Arizona… Well, tomorrow Grand Canyon! :)

Day 11, Flagstaff – Monticello

So, today we woke up at 8 am, went to have breakfast and then packed our stuff and at 9.30 we were in the car driving towards Grand Canyon. We arrived to there at 2.30 pm. And whoa how cool it is! Aleksi’s reaction was awesome. We were driving this road with forest on the both sides, until suddenly the forest stopped and the ground just disappeared at the left side of us. Aleksi was still looking from the window to the right side, then turned his head as he was just about to ask “So where is it?” but instead said: “So wh… WHOW!” :D

Well, what can I say? It was just incredibly amazing. How can there be a big canyon as that in the middle of nowhere? Stunning. We took a lot of pictures as we “hiked” some rocks down and had a little competition of who was the bravest to go the nearest to the edge ;P Just kidding, it wasn’t a competition. Mom was about to freak out when she saw dad sitting on a big stone at the edge. ;D

We bought ice creams and about at 4 pm continued our drive to Monument Valley. We stopped at McDonald’s to get some dinner. We got two Big Macs with 3 dollars. Whoooow! (Aleksi told me to write that ;P) We had to change the clocks’ times ‘cause we went to different time zone when arriving to the fourth state, Utah. We went on a drive at Monument Valley, it was so red over there! The sand, the stones, the rocks… all red. It’s an area of Navajo Indians and they have put these piles of stones near trails. It’s some kind of tradition that gives good luck, I’d say but I’m not sure.

We saw West and East Buttes as well as an Elephant and Camel Buttes. And of course, Three Sisters! I know you have no idea what those are, but you’ll see the pictures ;) The road where we drove was not very good, instead veeery bumpy! We drove to our motel in Monticello where mom, dad and Aleksi went to swim and now we are going to sleep! Good night friends! :)

Hey, btw, try saying very fast: “Three witches watched three Swatch watches. Which witch watched which Swatch watch?” ;)


  1. Woah.. ihan mielettömän upeita kuvia ja kaikki mitä kerrot kuulostaa ihanalta. Varmaan makeeta tutustua kaikkeen tuollaiseen. :D mul meni muuten kieli solmuun sen witch swatc which –jutun kanssa :)) ois ihanaa nähdä joskus iteki Grand Canyon, se oli varmaan mahtava. :D

  2. The scenery there is simply breathtaking. Nothing like the views I've been seeing up here. By the way, did I just say "up" here? For once I'm the one in the north? ;D Just a funny and random (stupid) thought that popped up in my mind. :D

    Though soon you'll be making your way up to the Niagara Falls! (if you're not doing it right now, I can't remember when you were exactly going up there). Quite a change if you compare them with the Grand Canyon, but both equally impressive as nature marvels. But until then, just enjoy all the stops and sights you're going to be able to make and contemplate respectively. It's gonna be a real road trip until you arrive there. Wish I could be making the same trip you're doing! Sometimes I feel like I'm on a job here more than anything else, though to say the truth this thing is far closer to a job than to some leisure holidays. The experience so far has been amazing though.

    Anyway, I'm writing to you this time much earlier than usual due to finally having a free afternoon, yay! Actually, and while I was expecting quite the opposite thing, I wasn't called by the Spanish department of the Voice of America for that interview today (yay for it too! It's not like I love interviews ;) ) So, some free hours for me, which I still have the temptation to spend taking a nap.

    So after the good (great) news, I went back to the dorms to leave my things and go for a walk around the National Mall. Which I haven't seen yet with the depth I would like to go see it, even after having stayed here for a few days now, and walking every single day in front of the White House to go to the National Press Club (to which as you might have noticed by now, I give a new name each time I mention it). And here I am, too lazy to get up from such a comfortable chair and go sightseeing.

    So, I don't think I'm forgetting anything more that I could say. That means I am, but I can't do pretty much anything against my horrible memory..


    PS: I'm going to try and find what you already know, there should be some shops where I can find one around the National Mall.

  3. Joo Emma tääl on aikas upeeta kylllä(: Toivottavasti joku päivä itekki seisot Grand Canyonin reunalla ja näät kui uskomattomalt se näyttää livenä ;) Ja jeppp, se switch watch witch on kyl hankala :D Kokeile kans "Kato tota kotaa!" mont kertaa nopeesti, ehehehh :D

  4. Javi, yep you're for once the one of us who's in the north! :D Though it'll change soon enough anyway.

    Oh, too bad you weren't interviewed, it would've been cool to see it! But I know you don't share this opinion ;D

    Hey, is my mind getting confused or did I miss something here, I totally don't understand what you mean at the PS part. What were you trying to find at the National Mall?

  5. woww, noi kuvat on ihan törkeen hienoi..! :D ja IHAN pakko sanoo =DD toi sun mekkos on iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihanaaaaa!! :D <3 rakastuin vaik en nähnykkää paljosti :D miss u <3 muute, kortit tuli! kiitus (: <3

  6. hehehee :D mäki rakastan sitä(: <3 ihana! ja kiva et kortit tuli ;)! niit tulee viel paljon :D haha

  7. first of all: how come does the route 66 sound familiar to me? Was it popular for some reason or something? :D

    and haha, Aleksis reaction was surely worth seeing I think :D and you know, Prison Break was the first thing that came to my mind when you mentioned Utah :P think i had an addiction? no waay... ;) and i've heard that witch thing before, sanna had it in her ihkupoksi at galleria, it's really impossible to say it fast when i can't even say it correctly slowly :D

    and then, finally, about the pictures: wow. Grand Canyon is just absolutely stunning. and i know it's even more amazing in nature, so i can't even imagine how impressive it looks really. and the pictures of those stones Indians have put there are also really really good :) the last 5 ones (that have the stones in them) are amazing. some of them look like a professional photographer took them, really :) and the picture of you and the canyon behind you: it's just one hell of a good picture. it's really simply beautiful, iisa <3 :) and your dress is sooo pretty too <3 i fell in love with it just like wilma :D and the last picture is the best of all those. i don't even have words for it, it's just so... amazing? gorgeous? great? none of those words sounds right... but you get what i mean anyway

  8. jes! haha :D tuun sit aina kiittelee niist tänne :D

  9. ihanii kuvii iisa!! iha mieletöntä =))) !